Environmentally friendly mailing solutions

Swiss Post develops innovative services to combine electronic and physical mail.

Swiss Post Box

Swiss Post Box enables users to receive and process their mail electronically, regardless of place and time. You have access to your mail no matter where you are.

PostCard Creator

You design your individual postcard mailing online, anywhere in the world. It gets printed out in Switzerland and physically placed in the recipient's letterbox.

E-Services from PostFinance

People who conduct their banking business and pay invoices online save paper. Over one million PostFinance customers use this service regularly.

Create your own stamps

The Internet application WebStamp easy lets you create your own personal stamps in just a few clicks. Upload any photo, select the required type of dispatch and print out your stamp. All you have to do is pay the postage.

SMS postage stamp

With the SMS postage stamps you will always have your stamps to hand: easy, quick and at any time. Send the word STAMP by text message to the number 414. Write the code you receive on the top right of the envelope – and you’re done!