Environmentally friendly packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging

Conserve resources with Eco PostPac and Dispobox

Eco PostPac – made from recycled paper

The Eco PostPac is the ideal packaging for your parcels. It's so robust you can use it several times, and it provides optimum protection for its contents. It's made entirely out of recycled paper and card, and is only printed in black and white. It's available in size 2, which is the most common size (315 x 225 x 125 mm).

Dispobox – cheap, durable and environmentally friendly

With the durable plastic Dispobox packaging solution, you can send your goods more cheaply and ecologically. We supply, deliver, store and clean the Dispoboxes. All you need to do is fill them. So Dispobox simplifies your picking, packing and dispatching.  Its additional benefits include:

  • No need to store empty packaging material
  • No need to fold boxes, no gluing, and no taping needed
  • Available in six different sizes to fit all items
  • Free just-in-time delivery (from 50 units)
  • Contents can be protected with seals.

Here's how it works

You order the quantity required directly via the Internet at www.mypostbusiness.ch or by fax (058 667 33 89). We deliver the Dispoboxes to the required location. You fill the Dispoboxes. We collect them and transport them to your customer. The customer immediately empties the Dispoboxes and returns them to the postal carrier.