Innovation management

Innovation management

Enabling innovations

Developing innovations is one of Swiss Post's strategic objectives. Innovations are developed using a team of innovation management professionals. Group business units are allocated 1.5 per thousand of the forecast group turnover to finance innovation projects.

Professional development processes

Swiss Post innovation management support the development of business concepts in all Group units. They finance and supervise projects with a proven innovation process: Business concepts are drafted into business plans in a multi-level process, and regularly reviewed by a jury of experts. In the best-case scenario, innovations are ready to be launched on the market within six months. Prototypes of new products and services are launched as pilots on the market as quickly as possible in order to test customer response. Alongside its expertise in postal matters, this practical orientation is one of Swiss Post innovation management's strengths.

Business ideas from Group units

New Swiss Post products and services are customer-orientated. Ideas for these new products and services originate in all areas of Swiss Post business. Group units are in direct contact with customers, know what they need and what their demands for the future are. The innovation ­teams within individual Group units flesh out these business concepts and develop them further within the framework of the innovation process.

Innovation culture

Swiss Post is particularly grateful to the innovative power of its employees. Innovation management promotes the organisation's culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among its employees using targeted measures. For example, it had held the PostVenture business plan competition from March 2012 to February 2013 in which all employees in Switzerland and abroad could participate.