PostBus Switzerland is celebrating - 100th anniversary festivities in Aarberg

Press release dated 01.01.2006

Today, Saturday 13 May, Swiss Post is marking the centenary of the Postbus with a national event in Aarberg, Canton Berne. The event will be attended by Federal President Moritz Leuenberger, and other highlights include the inauguration of a Swiss Federal Railways' locomotive in PostBus livery. Representatives from the world of politics and business have been invited to the celebrations in the historic home of PostBus, but the event is also open to members of the general public, whom PostBus Switzerland would like to thank for the trust they have placed in the company and for their loyalty.

It began modestly in 1906, as a service running between Berne and Detligen. Now, 100 years later, Switzerland without PostBus is simply unimaginable.  Swiss Post is taking the opportunity to duly celebrate this major anniversary and will today be hosting a centenary event in the Bernese municipality of Aarberg, where the PostBus story began all those years ago. The event, which will be attended by guests of honour, is also open to the general public.

The celebrations will get underway with a parade of vintage Postbuses, which will arrive in Aarberg from Detligen. Federal President Moritz Leuenberger, CEO of Swiss Railways (SBB) Benedikt Weibel and Swiss Post CEO Ulrich Gygi will be present at the inauguration of an SBB locomotive in PostBus livery.

PostBus has become an institution

Over the last 100 years, PostBus has become a key player in the public transport sector in Switzerland. Thanks to a network of routes covering over 10,000 kilometres, the distinctive yellow vehicles can be seen in all parts of the country and they play a major role in linking rural areas with the major centres of population.

And let's not forget that over the years since 1906, Postbus has emerged as something of a flagship, not just for Swiss Post, but for Switzerland as a whole. The 2,000 Postbuses currently in operation today are thus a symbol of reliability as well as high quality. And of course, these yellow vehicles are also closely associated with the legendary three-tone horn, which has spread the fame of PostBus and tourism in Switzerland well beyond the country' borders.

The centenary celebrations in Aarberg are primarily intended as a "thank-you" from Swiss Post to its clients, the Confederation and the cantons as well as its commercial partners in the public transport field.

A "thank-you" celebration for the public

The celebrations being held in Aarberg today are by way of thanks to all those passengers who want to mark the PostBus anniversary. Their loyalty has turned PostBus into a success story over the last 100 years and helped make "PostBus Switzerland" the number one provider of regional public passenger transport.