Swiss Post strengthens its support for the arts

Press release dated 19.12.2007

Swiss Post is strengthening its support for the arts and is to become the principal sponsor of the international film festival Visions du Réel. In this capacity, Swiss Post will be awarding the 20,000-franc film prize “Grand prix La Poste Suisse – Visions du Réel”. The sponsorship underpins Swiss Post’s goal of supporting top-class cinematic events. The Visions du Réel festival will take place in Nyon, from 17 to 23 April 2008.

The international film festival Visions du Réel is the biggest, but also the most important film festival in Western Switzerland.  Swiss Post will be supporting the festival, which is devoted to the diversity of independent and creative documentary film, for the first time in 2008, and in so doing will close a geographical gap in its arts sponsorship portfolio. As the principal sponsor of the Solothurn Film Festival, through its partnership with the international film festival of Locarno and, now, with the Western Swiss festival Visions du Réel, Swiss Post now supports Switzerland’s three main cinematic events. Swiss Post is honoured to be making a substantial contribution towards Swiss filmmaking in Italian and German-speaking Switzerland, and now in Western Switzerland too. Swiss Post is keen to ensure the continuity and sustainability of its support for the arts throughout Switzerland.

“Grand prix La Poste Suisse – Visions du Réel”

With its international documentary films, the Visions du Réel festival has been drawing leading filmmakers from around the world to Lake Geneva for more than ten years. As an international film festival, Visions du Réel is an ideal platform for Swiss filmmakers who present their work there. The best film is always chosen by an international jury and awarded an internationally renowned prize. In 2008 this top prize, worth 20,000 Swiss francs, will be awarded for the first time by Swiss Post, under the new name “Grand prix La Poste Suisse - Visions du Réel“.

Wide-ranging arts sponsorship

Arts sponsorship is a firm commitment at Swiss Post.  As a sponsor, its aim is to help further the development of filmmaking in Switzerland and promote the nation's cultural diversity. The audiences who view these films also benefit. In addition to Switzerland’s three leading film festivals, Swiss Post also supports the “Salon du livre et de la Presse” in Geneva and the Museum of Communication in Berne.

PostFinance is also a partner in numerous music festivals (Gurtenfestival, Openair St. Gallen, Openair Gampel, Heitere Openair Zofingen) and the principal sponsor of the Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra. It organizes the PostFinance Classics series of concerts, which nowadays is held in various Swiss cities.