Horgen station wins golden transport hub prize

Press release dated 08.11.2010

Horgen railway station has been awarded the FLUX prize. This year’s theme was “during the night”. The transport hub offers optimum conditions during the night. The station’s newly revamped infrastructure with its slick connections and clear, light design impressed the specialist jury, turning Horgen into a role model for night-time transport.

Peter Vollmer, Director of the Swiss Association of Public Transport and head judge of the FLUX specialist jury, today announced the latest winner of the golden transport hub prize to the media: Horgen station. Horgen beat off competition from two other nominated transport hubs, Barfüsserplatz in Basel and Bellevue in Zurich, to claim the FLUX 2010 prize. This year’s theme was “during the night”. The extremely short distances between the various modes of transport offered at Horgen was one of the reasons for its success. The upgrade to the main station road (Bahnhofstrasse) including a meeting zone and new transport system also impressed the judges. The colourful and innovative design of the area by artist Platino produced the much publicized face of the town. The successful redesign of the bus terminal and the bicycle parking area also impressed the jury. Providing information for night-time passengers is a particular challenge. Further improvements are being implemented in this area in Horgen. With this prize, PostBus Switzerland Ltd and the Swiss Association of Public Transport also highlight the focused commitment of the municipality.

FLUX – golden transport hub – 2010 finalists

A specialist jury assessed 19 prize-worthy transport hubs in Switzerland in terms of their suitability for this year’s theme. In addition to the hub’s night-time transport offering, the jury also assessed criteria such as access points, revitalization and lighting at night, security considerations and degree of innovation. Following this assessment, three hubs were shortlisted for the FLUX 2010:

  • Horgen station (Zurich), FLUX 2010 prize-winner
  • Barfüsserplatz, Basel (Basel-Stadt)
  • Bellevue, Zurich (Zurich)

All three finalists were rated very highly in terms of the criteria set by the specialist jury, and the competition was close. However, Horgen station offers passengers near-perfect conditions for night-time travel.

On the move through the night

Flexible working hours, shift work and changing leisure activities are resulting in commuter periods extending into the evening and night-time hours, and leisure travel in particular is experiencing ever-increasing popularity. However, the proportion of public transport used for leisure travellers is much less than for commuters and students. The departure, arrival and changeover locations are becoming more and more important for night-time transport. In order to provide attractive, well-used services, individual routes, attractive and secure connections and transfer opportunities are required between all modes of transport. Passengers also place great importance on good information systems, well-lit paths and infrastructures, and a usage structure centred around the hub, offering social security even late at night.

FLUX prize

The “FLUX – golden transport hub” prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the public transport sector. This is the fourth year that the prize, worth CHF 5,000, has been awarded by PostBus Switzerland Ltd (sponsor) and the Swiss Association of Public Transport (patron). The FLUX prize is awarded to the municipality that is co-responsible for designing the transport hub. The winning transport hub must be highly rated by customers as well as being excellent both operationally and in terms of design. Horgen is the first transport hub in Canton Zurich to win the prize. Visp station (2007), Baden station (2008) and Frauenfeld (2009) were awarded the prize in previous years. The theme for 2011 is sustainable mobility.