Stamps now on sale at Naville outlets

Press release dated 25.11.2010

As of 1 December 2010, the Naville newsstand chain in western Switzerland will also sell stamps. The 180 or so newsstands will round out the sales network of around 1,000 K Valora newsstands which have been selling stamps since 2002. The contract with Valora has recently been extended for a further three years. Since August 2010, Migros Aare has also been piloting the sale of stamps in four of its branches. A decision on whether this will continue or whether the sale of stamps will be further expanded by Migros is expected in the coming months. Swiss Post is developing the sales potential of its stamps in order to replace the outdated stamp vending machines which are being used less and less by customers. These will be gradually decommissioned starting in January 2011.

From 1 December 2010, the Naville newsstand chain in western Switzerland – which includes the providers Relay und Press&Web – will also sell stamps. Comprising some 180 branches, Naville has sales outlets covering a broad area in French-speaking Switzerland.  The newsstand chain will be selling booklets of 10 A Mail / B Mail stamps as well as individual CHF 1.40 stamps for international mail. Valora first introduced stamps into its range back in 2002 at around 1,000 K newsstands in the Italian and German-speaking regions of Switzerland. Customers appreciate being able to purchase stamps at these outlets. As a result, Swiss Post and Valora agreed to an extension of their contract for a further three years. The sale of stamps at newsstands perfectly complements the other distribution channels. Stamps can be purchased at post offices, postal agencies (Swiss Post partner), philatelic salespoints, or online from the Philashop. You can even design and print your own via WebStamp.

Pilot at Migros Aare

Another possible sales channel is currently being tested. Four branches of Migros Aare have been offering stamps for sale since 2 August 2010. The pilot has been up and running in Köniz near Berne, Schwarzenburg, Chly Wabere (municipality of Köniz) and Belp. The booklets of 10 stamps for A Mail or B Mail letters are available at all counters and from the customer service desk.

Replacement of stamp vending machines

Swiss Post is introducing the new sales channels to replace the existing stamp vending machines. The latter are technologically out of date and are being used less and less. They are also susceptible to vandalism. The materials and spare parts required for these machines went out of production years ago. Therefore, Swiss Post has decided to decommission its stamp vending machines throughout the whole of Switzerland. This will take place between January and the end of April 2011.