Extract from the debt enforcement register now definitely included in the services offered

Press release dated 30.03.2012

In Canton Geneva between 1 September 2011 and 31 March 2012 Swiss Post tested the ordering of extracts from the debt enforcement register at post office counters. The results were so positive that Swiss Post is now definitely including this service in its product range.

A seven-month pilot scheme for ordering debt enforcement register extracts at post office counters was conducted in around 66 post offices in Canton Geneva. The requested volume led to the pilot scheme being concluded positively. Therefore, and thanks to the successful collaboration with the debt enforcement office of Geneva, this service will be included in the services offered by Swiss Post. Currently this service is offered exclusively for the debt enforcement office of Geneva, but may be extended to include other debt enforcement offices at any time. Swiss Post is convinced of the nationwide prospects for this public service offer.

Successful collaboration with authorities

Swiss Post has in the past successfully introduced several public services at post offices. In several cantons customers can deposit vehicle licence plates at post offices. Since 2008 extracts from criminal records have been able to be ordered electronically at post offices. The product range in post offices includes also such products as waste stickers or bags and motorway tax discs.