Digital pay slips by Swiss Post's secure e-mail service

Press release dated 10.04.2012

The secure IncaMail e-mail service by Swiss Post can now also be used to send pay slips electronically. Thanks to the integration of IncaMail into solutions by well-known manufacturers of business software, companies can now save considerable costs sending confidential pay slips to their staff. Employees receive their pay slips as an encrypted attachment to an e-mail address of their choice. The functionality and advantages of this IncaMail application can be experienced live at the Personal Swiss trade fair

The IncaMail e-mail service by Swiss Post is used by companies, authorities and private individuals for safe electronic communication and verifiable sending of confidential documents. Pay slips can now be added to the list of sensitive documents that can be sent electronically. Up until now considerable costs were regularly incurred in sending these documents in paper form. The business software producers, Soreco, Microsoft, HR Campus plus SAP module, WinBiz and Abacus all offer IncaMail integrated into their software solutions.

Costs are saved thanks to secure e-mail dispatch

Human Resource departments spend significant time and effort in sending out pay slips month for month. In addition to manual processing, not only are materials required to send letters but printing and postage costs are incurred. Sending a pay slip can cost up to three Swiss francs. For a company with 1,000 employees, these costs amount to about 36,000 Swiss francs every year. These are costs that can be considerably reduced by using IncaMail. Swiss Post charges a maximum of 50 centimes (incl. VAT) to send a pay slip by confidential e-mail. No manual processing and no materials are required. Employees are also able to receive their pay slips at their own private e-mail address; no third persons can see, intercept or modify these e-mails. Through IncaMail, people can pick up their pay slips at any time and at any place throughout the world. All they need is an Internet connection. Sensitive documents are not stored temporarily by Swiss Post, but forwarded as an encrypted attachment by normal e-mail to the recipients.

Integration of IncaMail into business software

Soreco, Microsoft, HR Campus plus SAP module, WinBiz and Abacus cover the majority of the Swiss market for business software. By integrating IncaMail into their solutions a large number of SMEs and major companies can now benefit from the advantages of Swiss Post's secure e-mail service and save costs. The secure sending of digital pay slips also meets the needs of recipients. In future they can conveniently archive their pay slips electronically and can check them at any time when they're out and about through their preferred e-mail account.

IncaMail solution at Personal Swiss trade fair

How IncaMail can be used for the secure electronic dispatch of pay slips and how software companies integrate the solution into their software can be seen on 17 and 18 April 2012 in Zurich at the Personal Swiss trade fair. Customers of Swiss Post can find out more about IncaMail, the functionality of this secure e-mail service and how it is integrated into business software solutions at the following providers or exhibitors: Abacus, Soreco, HR Campus plus SAP module (new), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (new), Microsoft Dynamics AX (new).