Swiss Post and La Poste announce launch of ASENDIA, combining their international mail activities

Press release dated 09.07.2012

Swiss Post and the French La Poste formed an alliance of their respective international mail activities on 6 July 2012, for which they have received all required regulatory approvals. The partners had announced their intention to establish the joint venture in December 2011. They are launching “ASENDIA by La Poste and Swiss Post”, a joint venture company equally owned by both partners, that aims to become the leader in B2C solutions for international mail.

Swiss Post and the French La Poste are launching ASENDIA, having received all the required regulatory approvals. ASENDIA brings together the expertise and networks of the existing international mail activities of Swiss Post (Swiss Post International) and La Poste (La Poste Global Mail)*. With over 1,000 employees, ASENDIA is currently present on three continents: Europe, North America and Asia, and in over 25 locations in 15 countries.

With a turnover of more than EUR 400 million, ASENDIA is positioned from the outset as one of the global leaders in international mail, a market with estimated revenues of more than EUR 10 billion in 2011 and with strong growth in segments such as direct marketing, catalogues and small goods.

ASENDIA leans on the strengths and values of Swiss Post and La Poste and will focus on improving existing services and developing new innovative solutions for the benefit of its customers.

The chairmanship of its Board of Directors has been entrusted to Ulrich Hurni, Head of Post Mail and Deputy CEO of Swiss Post. Marc Pontet, previously Deputy CEO and in charge of marketing and sales at Courrier and CEO of La Poste’s Global Mail, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer.

*Excluding the import and export business in France and Switzerland. The universal postal service in France and Switzerland are not included in the joint venture.

The new brand name and visual identity are designed to represent ASENDIA’s ambition and heritage.

The brand is supported by the motto “The world is your address”, which expresses ASENDIA’s commitment to its existing and future customers, offering them international B2C solutions that support their international growth and investments.


“Swiss Post and La Poste are delighted to take this additional step in the development of their international mail businesses together, which confirms the importance of this activity for our groups and for our customers”, states Ulrich Hurni, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASENDIA.

“The creation of ASENDIA enables La Poste and Swiss Post to bring together the best of their expertise and solutions in order to offer their international clients innovative solutions and to accompany them in their development”, says Marc Pontet, Chief Executive Officer of ASENDIA.


ASENDIA’s sector of activity covers all international mail solutions, including the dispatch and delivery of mail, catalogues, press and small goods up to 2 kg, as well as upstream and downstream services in the value chain (

ASENDIA will operate from headquarters in Paris and Berne.

Locations: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany,  Hong Kong, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Current companies that make up ASENDIA: Brokers Worldwide, Priority Post and La Poste Office of Exchange in the United States, SPI Singapore and SPI Hong Kong in Asia, SPI Germany and La Poste Deutschland in Germany, BTB Mailflight, SPI UK and La Poste UK in the United Kingdom, as well as SPI Netherlands, Mail Partner Spain, Allied Business Company of Mail Services, SPI Austria, SP Porta a Porta, SPI Belgium, SPI Scandinavia, SPI Norway, Edigroup, Export & Distribution Services, Media Data Services, SPI France and La Poste - The International Mail Solution throughout continental Europe.

ASENDIA Board of Directors

Ulrich Hurni, Chairman Head of PostMail, Deputy CEO of Swiss Post Group
Nicolas Routier, Vice-Chairman Deputy CEO of Groupe La Poste, CEO of Courrier, Chairman of Sofipost
Frank Marthaler Head of Swiss Post Solutions, Member of Swiss Post Group Executive Management
Xavier Girre Deputy CEO, CFO of Groupe La Poste
Dieter Bambauer Head of PostLogistics, Member of Swiss Post Group Executive Management
Christian Emery COO Europe of Geopost Group

ASENDIA Management Board

Marc Pontet Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Bättig Deputy CEO, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director Asia
Béatrice Roux Deputy CEO, Executive Director Europe
Marina Bartetzko-Meyer Chief Marketing Officer
Sabine Graf Chief Human Resources Officer
Michael J. Hastings Executive Director North America
Renaud Marlière Chief Sales Officer
André M. Maurer Chief Operations Officer

Background information


Swiss Post is a public company owned by the Swiss Confederation. The Swiss Post Group has 61,500 employees, with 7,700 staff members based outside Switzerland.  In 2011, the Group’s operating income totalled CHF 8.6 billion and the operating result was CHF 908 million.  Around 13% of operating income was generated abroad. The international cross-border mail business attained an operating result of CHF 51 million and contributed CHF 780 million to the Group’s operating income. In its domestic business, Swiss Post transported 2.3 billion addressed letters, 1.3 billion unaddressed items, 1.3 billion newspapers and over 107 million parcels, and is a major player in Swiss retail banking.


A limited company in 100% public ownership since 1 March 2010, La Poste is an innovative multi-business group structured around four activities: mail, parcels-express, banking and the La Poste retail brand. Each year, La Poste’s 17,000 branches are visited by some 45 million individuals and 3.5 million business customers. By offering the best of both paper and digital, La Poste seeks to transform mail into the premium media of customer relations, relying on its modern industrial systems, new technologies and its network of highly professional postal workers. In 2011, La Poste Group generated revenue of EUR 21.3 billion and employed more than 268,000 staff. La Poste is aspiring to become a European leader in local postal and financial services by 2015. True to its values and public service missions, and backed by the commitment of its postal workers, La Poste Group aims to become a benchmark in the arena of the modern public enterprise.