"pro clima mailing": compensation project for Swiss Post

Press release dated 16.01.2012

Since the beginning of 2009, letters, parcels and goods consignments can be mailed with the "pro clima" surcharge, thereby offsetting the associated CO2  emissions. These surcharges are invested entirely in climate protection projects. Customers can now take part in an online vote to determine in which international Gold Standard climate protection project Swiss Post will invest its "pro clima" surcharges from 2011. For the first time, part of the CO2 emissions will be offset with a Swiss environmental protection project. Swiss Post has also invested in environmentally friendly parcel delivery: all gas-powered vehicles were run on biogas in 2011.

Customers wishing to offset the COemissions generated by their mailings have been able to do so since February 2009 by paying a "pro clima" surcharge. Swiss Post will invest the collected surcharges in high-quality climate protection projects, which would otherwise not have been possible without additional funding. The consignments will be CO2-neutral. With more than 191 million consignments and 260 business customers to its name, the "pro clima – mailing" service has achieved gratifying results. Swiss Post also makes use of "pro clima – mailing" to offset the CO2 emissions resulting from its own correspondence.

Three projects for selection

Swiss Post pursues a consistent climate protection strategy: We are reducing our energy consumption as much as possible and replacing energy from fossil sources with renewable energies. With the help of the "pro clima – mailing" offering, customers can send their consignments in a particularly environmentally friendly way by offsetting CO2 emissions from their remaining energy consumption. Swiss Post invests all of these surcharges in environmental protection projects of the highest standard. This year, part of the "pro clima" surcharges will also be invested for the first time in a Swiss Project that generates green electricity on farms using small and medium-sized agricultural  biogas plants. In addition, a project outside Switzerland will be sponsored to offset CO2, as in previous years. Customers have until 31 January to choose from the following three projects:

Small biogas plants for private households in Cambodia

Introducing biogas plants in private households will not only save on energy costs but also reduce the work involved in collecting firewood. Families in Cambodia will have clean fuel for cooking and gas for lightingThus, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced. The plants would result in smoke-free kitchens, fewer health problems and fertile slurry, which could be used for agricultural purposes.

Energy-efficient ovens in Ghana

The use of increasingly limited supplies of firewood is becoming more and more problematic in Ghana. An emission reduction project has therefore been launched, providing private households with inexpensive, energy-efficient ovens. The project creates jobs and development potential throughout the entire value chain.

Wind power project in Çatalca, Turkey

The wind park in Çatalca in the Istanbul province of Turkey contributes significantly to the production of renewable energy by generating clean electricity and feeding it into the public network. Wind power is a sustainable, renewable energy source and a technology with a low environmental impact.

Biogas for parcel delivery

According to Swiss Post's environmental strategy, it increases energy efficiency and bets on renewable energy sources. In 2011, Swiss Post thus converted all of its 140 gas-powered vehicles to biogas from Erdgas Zürich. The environmentally friendly biogas comes from a naturemade star-certified plant in Volketswil, Canton Zurich, and is produced using only food waste.