Swiss Post to send pay slips for Deutsche Bahn

Press release dated 27.06.2012

Swiss Post now processes the mailing of confidential documents to employees on behalf of Deutsche Bahn. With Swiss Post's "ePostSelect" hybrid mailing solution, Deutsche Bahn can send its employees working in various countries pay slips either encrypted digitally or on hard copy by mail at their request. The digital mailing is accomplished via IncaMail, the secure e-mail service of Swiss Post. Swiss Post’s German Group company Swiss Post Solutions LLC in Bamberg prints the documents at the German document output site in Dettingen.

The "ePostSelect" hybrid solution of Swiss Post, which offers both the secure digital and physical mailing of documents, is now to be used by Deutsche Bahn. ePostSelect uses the secure e-mail service IncaMail of Swiss Post for encrypted digital mailing. During the physical mailing, the Document Output Center of Swiss Post is used, where the documents are printed and sent as quickly as possible. The solution package was developed by the Swiss Post Solutions Group unit. Swiss Post Solutions GmbH, Bamberg, the Swiss Post Group unit, prints the documents for Deutsche Bahn at the Dettingen Document Output Center.

Efficient solution for hybrid mailing

Deutsche Bahn employs a large number of people around the world. Sending confidential documents to staff domiciled in various countries represents a challenge. With the ePostSelect hybrid solution, the work can be significantly reduced. Furthermore, the recipients can freely choose their preferred channel for the receipt of the confidential mail – on hard copy or digital. The employees of Deutsche Bahn, who opt for their salary documents to be mailed digitally, register free of charge with the corresponding database of Swiss Post. In doing so, they can enter their private e-mail address, which is then saved as the preferred digital channel of receipt after verifying the details.

To receive e-mails securely, any private e-mail account, such as GMX,, Googlemail, etc., can be used around the world. With the traditionally sent pay slip, employees receive a time-limited activation code. This allows them to register for the green and resource-saving service and receive their pay slips and travel expense statements digitally in the future. Nothing changes in the use of the private e-mail address – the confidential documents arrive there safely. As such, ePostSelect differs from other solutions, for which a new e-mail address needs to be created and recipients are required to use special platforms to access the confidential, digital mail.

Automatic dispatcher chooses preferred mailing channel

ePostSelect integrates a dispatcher, which automatically directs the confidential data to the preferred channel of receipt in accordance with the details provided: either to the hard copy or digital mailing channel. Companies can integrate the hybrid solution directly into existing IT and ERP systems (resource planning) via print data interfaces. As such, postal charges can be economised and the logistical work reduced. Swiss Post also assumes the complete management from printing to mailing the physical letters and documents. Additional output channels, such as e-mail, fax, SMS, EDI or, in the future, De-Mail can also be integrated.

The documents mailed with the secure e-mail service IncaMail are comprehensively encrypted right to the recipient. The contents of the e-mail and data attachments are not saved. ePostSelect thereby fulfils the highest quality requirements. IncaMail offers the highest security standards for digital mailing. ePostSelect treats personal data such as postal and e-mail addresses of the recipients with strict confidentiality. They are securely saved at Swiss Post and used for ePostSelect only.