Most modern Post Office opens in Romandie

Press release dated 16.03.2012

With the re-opening of the Martigny 1 Post Office on 20 March 2012, Romandie welcomes the new face of Swiss Post. Customers will now receive a complete range of postal and financial services under one roof. Swiss Post has focussed on a modern look with open counters and a centrally located waiting area. After Horgen in October 2011 and now Martigny, another post office just like this will be opening in Köniz in May 2012.

In the last 10 months, the main Martigny post office has been transformed into the first Romandie post office with the integrated financial advisory services offered by PostFinance. After its reopening on 20 March, Swiss Post will be giving its customers a modern shopping experience, offering a complete range of postal and financial services under one roof. In the new post office, customers will be served at any one of eight open counters. Customers interested in PostFinance products can obtain information from the quick consultation counter. Three separate areas have been set aside for comprehensive, private consultations on financial matters. The shop is stocked with a varied selection of brand goods. The various areas have been designed around a waiting area furnished with comfortable seating. Products and services are complemented by a P.O. box facility, a Postomat, and a counter for business customers. Swiss Post has invested about four million francs in the renovation of this particular post office. With the opening of the Köniz post office in May 2012, another community will be able to benefit from an integrated post office. If these new facilities prove successful, Swiss Post will replicate this model elsewhere.

Over 3,600 access points

By international comparison, Swiss Post has one of the densest access point networks. At the end of February 2012 Swiss Post was operating 3,607 customer access points, including 1,840 post offices, 433 agencies ("Swiss Post at a partner firm"), 1,231 home delivery services ("Swiss Post on the doorstep"), 99 dedicated PickPost points and 4 in-house mail services. Since 2005, Swiss Post has created over 80 additional access points.