PostBus acquires velopass

Press release dated 26.04.2012

PostBus Switzerland AG has acquired Lausanne-based velopass SARL. The acquisition turns PostBus into the new number one on the Swiss bike sharing market and strengthens its position as a provider of combined mobility services. At the same time, the merger enables the creation of a national network of self-service bicycle rentals with one and the same card.

PostBus fully acquires the company velopass. The Lausanne-based company is currently Switzerland’s biggest bike sharing provider and controls eleven bicycle self-service networks in more than twenty cities in French-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino. All nine velopass employees, including its managing director, will retain their jobs and roles. The company's current infrastructure constitutes a solid base for expanding the network. This merger represents the logical outcome of close cooperation between the two companies in the central Valais canton network (Sion) since November 2010.

Solution on a national scale

PostBus is thrilled about the acquisition of a progressive company that is well established in the biking world in Switzerland. With this acquisition, PostBus together with PubliBike has become the national market leader in (e-)bike sharing. After PostBus opened the first PubliBike stations in Lucerne, Brig, Solothurn, Basel, Frauenfeld, Winterthur and Kreuzlingen this acquisition represents a new level in incorporating the “last mile” into the mobility chain. It also brings added value to Switzerland's current public transportation system services. Subscribers of both the velopass and PubliBike networks will be able to take out a bicycle with one and the same card, valid across Switzerland. Clients will also benefit from an expansion of services, thanks to the alliance of these two systems and their compatibility.


Founded in December 2009, velopass operates a network of expandable stations, with a strong presence in urban areas in French-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino. The company's services cater more to commuters and city dwellers rather than tourists. Through its very good network of contacts in the national Swiss bicycle scene, it offers its system to both municipalities and private companies. Velopass can be found in more than 20 cities and operates 80 stations with more than 800 bicycles. The company has logged over 254,000 bicycle rentals since launching its first self-service bicycle rental stations and currently boasts over 11,000 subscribers.

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PostBus, in cooperation with SBB and Rent a Bike, made its debut on the self-service bicycle rental market in mid August 2011 with its first PubliBike station in Lucerne. Since then, six further stations in Brig, Solothurn, Basel, Frauenfeld, Winterthur and Kreuzlingen, have been inaugurated. More openings are planned for 2012 in Delémont, Rapperswil and Zurich. PubliBike's goal is to establish a national system that integrates a large number of city networks (with many stations in each location), enabling customers to easily borrow a regular bicycle or e-bike through use of an electronic card valid across the national network. This card allows for simple and secure access to all PubliBike stations in Switzerland and also works with other self-service bicycle rental systems throughout Switzerland.

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