Swiss Post reaches agreement with price supervisor

Press release dated 14.06.2012

In future, Swiss Post will offer "Maxi letter international" in combination with the "Registered mail" additional service only. However, it has decided against the planned simplifications and price increases in respect of international parcels sent by private customers. This is the result of a mutual solution agreed with the price supervisor.

On 1 April 2012, Swiss Post had made changes to selected items within its range of products and services. As the price supervisor had initially voiced his objection to proposed changes to international deliveries for private customers, Swiss Post had postponed their introduction for the time being. Since then, Swiss Post and the price supervisor have reached consensus: With effect from 18 June 2012, the mailing of a "Maxi letter international" for private customers will be offered only in combination with the "Registered mail" additional service option, as originally intended. Swiss Post has now definitely decided against the reduction of the number of country zones from five to three in respect of international parcels for private customers (PostPac International PRIORITY and ECONOMY). By reducing the number of country zones, Swiss Post had originally intended to simplify the product range for private customers, which would have resulted in price adjustments.