Authorizations: Swiss Post draws its first conclusions

Press release dated 02.07.2012

As per 1 April 2012, Swiss Post has newly designed its offer for the collection of postal items by third parties. The extensive cleansing of data carried out with customers that had previously signed an authorization was completed in June. However, the invoicing of payments for the authorizations will only take place at the beginning of 2013. In order to fulfil our customers’ needs even better, Swiss Post has also decided to offer an additional alternative. This is being developed and will be introduced in 2013.

Swiss Post has re-designed its “authorization” service as per 1 April. It is valid in all post offices throughout Switzerland and costs CHF 36 when opened at the counter or CHF 24 when opened via the Internet. At the end of June, the extensive cleansing phase with the 650,000 customers that had previously signed an authorization was completed. Around a third of all authorizations are no longer required by customers and could be deleted. The invoicing of the newly designed service will take place only at the beginning of 2013. To enable Swiss Post to offer customers more options, an additional free-of-charge alternative for occasional use of third party authorizations is being developed, for example for the collection of one shipment only. At the end of 2013, the authorizations’ future period of validity will be analyzed based on the utilisation behaviour. Customers that have newly signed an authorization since 1 April and will pay for 12 months will not be invoiced for renewal until the end of 2013.

With the additional, free-of-charge alternative, Swiss Post complies with a customer requirement which was not covered sufficiently by the solution introduced on 1 April 2012.

Authorization to collect scheduled consignments

Price for new authorization for the first 12 months, at the counter (unlimited number of persons) CHF 36.–
Extension period: CHF 24.–
Price for new authorization for the first 12 months, via the Internet (unlimited number of persons) CHF 24.–
Extension period: CHF 24.–
From 2013: alternative service for occasional authorizations free of charge
Notarised power of attorney CHF 15.–  to CHF 51.–
(differs for Cantons, liability excluded)

Note: Family members with the same surname (also double names) do not need a power of attorney. In Swiss Post’s view, an affiliation can be concluded. The basis for collection of a consignment is in every case constituted by the mail collection notice.