PostVenture – What is it?

With the PostVenture programme, Swiss Post is specifically on the lookout for fresh ideas that can help the company to develop its business areas. As part of this process, Swiss Post is entering into partnerships with young talent and entrepreneurs who want to move into the market with new business models. Swiss Post will help these young entrepreneurs to implement interesting projects, for the benefit of both parties.

The PostVenture programme was first organized in 2012 as an internal Swiss Post event.

For the second edition in 2015, Swiss Post is running the PostVenture programme both internally and externally.

The aim of the PostVenture15 programme is to search for business ideas that are of interest to Swiss Post. The innovators will be assessed by Swiss Post. They will then be invited to formulate their ideas using CO-STAR and to present them to Swiss Post. To identify external business ideas, Swiss Post is working with  venturelab, which is part of the Institute for Young Entrepreneurs (IFJ).

If both parties are interested in continuing to work together, the entrepreneurs will be given the chance to enhance their idea with know-how specific to Swiss Post as part of a contract lasting a maximum of six months. During this period, entrepreneurs will also be able to create a prototype, gather initial customer feedback and record the findings in a proposal. The contract includes:

  • Financial resources up to a maximum of CHF 50,000
  • A visitor workspace
  • Access to Swiss Post’s experts and internal network
  • An internal mentoring programme
  • Active supervision by the project team
  • The participant will retain the IP rights

If the development process goes smoothly, there will be an opportunity to enter into a specific partnership or for Swiss Post to take over and run the market launch of the new business idea.