Basic informations

Swiss Post relies on profitable growth abroad to compensate for the decline in its core logistics business in Switzerland.

The guidelines for Swiss Post's international activities are set out in the Federal Council's strategic objectives. These state that: Swiss Post is responsible for maintaining postal links between Switzerland and the rest of the world. The company is expected to take advantage of profitable growth opportunities abroad above and beyond its obligation to provide a basic service.

These opportunities include:

Activity Unit Presence
Solutions along the value chain in the international cross-border mail business PostMail ASENDIA
New postal-related services at the interface between the physical and digital transfer of information, and solutions for the outsourcing of business processes Swiss Post Solutions SPS – a Swiss Post Company
Products for secure identification and digital communication Swiss Post Solutions Swiss Post
Expand passenger transport services in neighbouring countries PostBus PostBus

Cross-border mail business, previously the responsibility of Swiss Post International, was taken over in July 2012 by Asendia, the joint venture between Swiss Post and the French La Poste. Within Swiss Post, Asendia is incorporated into the PostMail unit. A total of 1,200 full-time positions were available for the cross-border shipping business in 2011, and the contribution to Group sales amounted to almost 10 percent, or 780 million Swiss francs.

In 2011, the Swiss Post Solutions unit had a workforce of almost 5,500 full-time equivalents abroad and contributed some 345 million Swiss francs to Group sales, or about 60 percent of its total turnover.

The international activities of PostBus are focused on France and Liechtenstein. PostBus, which employs over 500 full-time staff, generated 9 percent of its total 2011 turnover of 719 million Swiss francs abroad.

Swiss Post intends to continue the internationalisation of its business and to underpin the domestic market by developing activities that ultimately generate postal business, and by establishing its postal-related digital services.