Service options

Whether it is an international group or a firm rooted in Switzerland, Swiss Post can contribute to its success with a clearly structured product range and uncomplicated solutions. It offers standardized, inexpensive individual services as well as tailored all-in-one solutions.

The products at a glance:

  • Letters (mailing, franking solutions, address management, online tools)
  • Logistics (courier, Express, Innight, parcels, transport and warehousing, e-logistics, special solutions)
  • Direct marketing (addressed and unaddressed mailshots, address management services as well as consulting and production for direct marketing activities)
  • Print media (comprehensive solutions for newspapers and magazines such as subscriber management, newsstand distribution and reader recruitment)
  • Document and dialogue solutions (in-house mail, mailroom services, scanning, document and data management, order processing, online shops, electronic invoicing, customer care and digital signatures)

In addition, there are also the services offered by PostFinance, such as the business account, loans and mortgages, international payments, e-billing, solutions for accounts receivable and payable.