Swiss Post mobile website

Internet access from mobile phones.

The Swiss Post website has been optimized to support mobile phone access. When an access request is generated from a mobile phone, it is automatically redirected to a mobile-optimized website.

If you want to access the Swiss Post website from your mobile phone while out and about, your request will be automatically redirected to a mobile start page.


The page has been designed for smaller screens and slower data transfer rates and provides access to key Swiss Post information and services:

  • Track & Trace
  • Locations
  • Prices
  • Collection note
  • News
  • Jobs
  • Customer Service
  • Links

The "conventional" Swiss Post website can be easily accessed via links on the start page.

To access the mobile-optimized Swiss Post website, type the usual URL: into your browser. The system automatically recognizes that the request has originated from a mobile phone and links to the correct page.

If your mobile phone is not immediately recognized, type the following URL into your mobile phone’s browser: