Track consignments

Track consignments

"Track consignments" is the free-of-charge extension of the standard application. It provides you with even more information on the items you have posted.

You benefit, for example, from the following options:

  • Check the recipient’s signature and delivery address
  • Search by mailing date or item number (from-to search)
  • Check that the parcel has arrived in good condition

In this way, you get more added value with fewer mouse clicks.

Track consignments in comparison

Display… Track consgnments Standard
Name and Signature of recipient 2 Yes No
Item images3 Yes No
Dimensions3 Yes No
Bulk letter mailings Yes No
Catalogue pallets Yes No
Storage period for data 360 days 180 days
Courier/express items, parcels, letters,
international mail 1
Yes Yes
Basic and additional service(s) Yes Yes
Small consignments, Consignments for Repairnet service Yes Yes
Mailing process, current shipment status Yes Yes
  1. For details, see: "Frequently asked questions (FAQ)"
  2. Only for domestic items with delivery against signature
  3. Only for items that pass through the automatic sorting plant at PostLogistics parcel centres. For details, see: "Frequently asked questions (FAQ)"