Accepted identification documents

1. Passport and ID cards (Switzerland and other countries)

  • Standard passport (incl. diplomatic and service passports); still valid or expired less than five years ago.
  • ID card, still valid

2. Official immigration documents

  • Permit B, residence
  • Permit C settlement
  • Permit Ci residence with gainful employment
  • Permit L short-term residence
  • Permit F provisionally accepted foreigners
  • Permit N permit for asylum-seekers
  • Permit S people in need of protection
  • Permit G cross-border commuter

3. Permits issued by the Vehicle Licensing Office

Driving licences of all categories issued by the cantonal Vehicle Licensing Offices, excluding provisional driving licences.

4. Other documents

  • Travel permit for refugees (Art. 2 RPAV, SR 143.5)
  • Passport for a foreign person (Art. 3 RPAV, SR 143.5)

For natural persons domiciled/resident in Switzerland

All permits are accepted, sections 1 – 4

For natural persons domiciled abroad

All permits are accepted according to section 1, as are cross-border permits (Permit G).