Change of residence

Change of residence

Forwarding of mail to your new address and notification of move

When you move house Swiss Post moves with you. We forward your mail to your new home address.

Mail addressed to your previous place of residence will be reliably redirected and delivered to your new home address for a whole year after you move.

You have the option of allowing people who already have your old address to receive notification of your new address details.

With a notification of move, you can also inform specific companies and institutions of your new address. For the time being, Swiss Post is conducting the notification of move in the pilot project.

 Your instructions can be issued online at «Login Swiss Post»

You do not want to register with «Login Post»? (This may take several days to arrange.) If this is the case there are  alternative ways of issuing instructions.


Range of services domestic Counter1 Internet1
Domestic CHF 42.00 CHF 30.00  
Abroad CHF 102.00 CHF 90.00  

Surcharge Counter1 Internet1
Per additional adult (18 years) or legal person CHF   5.00 CHF   5.00
For urgent orders CHF 10.00 CHF 10.00  
For online orders without registration - CHF   5.00

1 Prices for 1 adult (18 years) or legal person, incl. VAT