Poste restante items

Poste restante items

Retention of post restante items for a month

Swiss Post retains post restante items ready for collection for a month at a post office of your choice. It is an ideal solution if you are away travelling or do not have a fixed delivery address. The address must contain both the name of the recipient and the note post restante.

Post restante items are in good hands at Swiss Post. For locations with more than one post office, please specify the digits of the post office of your choice. For letters with proof of delivery, the recipient must be clearly indicated. It is not possible to combine box number addresses and post restante.

Sample address:

Mr Erich Müller
Post restante
8022 Zurich 22

The post restante service is free. After a month, Swiss Post sends the delivery back to the sender. Forwarding orders to post restante addresses are subject to a charge.