Poste restante

Poste restante

Temporary retention of your mail

Whether you are away for a brief or extended period of time, someone has to look after your mail. We will gladly do so. Upon receipt of your Poste Restante instructions we will keep your mail items for you.

With a poste restante order your addressed mail will be in good hands until your return.

 Your instructions can be issued online at «Login Swiss Post»

You do not want to register with «Login Post»? (This may take several days to arrange.) If this is the case there are  alternative ways of issuing instructions.


Range of services Counter1 Internet1
Base price for poste restante order for 2 weeks CHF 20.00 CHF 8.00  
per additional week CHF   2.00 CHF 2.00
On request, with subsequent delivery Free of charge Free of charge

Surcharge Counter1 Internet1
Per additional adult (18 years) or legal person CHF   5.00 CHF   5.00
For urgent orders CHF 10.00 CHF 10.00
For online orders without registration - CHF   5.00     

1 Prices for 1 adult (18 years) or legal person, incl. VAT