One signature, multiple authorized agents

With an authorization you can entitle persons of trust of your choice to collect scheduled consignments at the counter. The authorized persons legally confirm receipt of the postal items with their signature.

If you do not have the time during the day to pick up a scheduled consignment yourself, you can be represented at the post office by one or several other persons. For family members with the same surname, there is no need for reciprocal authorization. Alternatives to authorizations are "second delivery", "forwarding/redirection" to a different address, an "extension of the collection period" or a notarized power of attorney. In addition,  Swiss Post will offer a free alternative to the "permanent authorization" by means of the consignment-related "single authorization".

Permanent authorization is recommended if you regularly allow your notified consignments to be collected by third parties. The validity of a permanent authorization is unlimited and multiple people can be authorized. There is a one-off charge of CHF 24 (online) or CHF 30 (at the counter) for issue of a permanent authorization.

 Open and organize your permanent authorizations online at "Login Swiss Post"

Have you received a collection note and would like to authorize a third party to collect this individual consignment? Then our free single authorization is suitable for you. Please have your collection note ready when you order.

 Order your single authorization online at “Login Swiss Post”.

 Order your single authorization for outpayments online at “Login Swiss Post”.


Service Price at the counter Price via the Internet
Permanent authorization CHF 30.00 CHF 24.00
Add authorized agent CHF 12.00 Free of charge
Delete authorized agent Free of charge Free of charge
Single authorization - Free of charge

All prices include VAT

The price is per permanent authorization and this one-off payment is made upon issue of the authorization. The validity of the permanent authorization is then unlimited.