Damaged mail/delayed delivery


What can I do if my mail has been damaged?

  • Import items:
    Report the damage immediately to your post office. Your complaint will be noted and assessed to see whether you are entitled to claim compensation.
  • Export items:
    Report the damage to your post office or fill out the form Postal item enquiry.

At what point can I request an investigation into the whereabouts of my export item?

An investigation can only be carried out for registered items. (PostPac International parcels weighing 2 kg or more are always registered.) An investigation may be launched up to 6 months after the item was mailed:

  • once the normal delivery time has expired and the recipient confirms (verbally or in writing e.g. by e-mail) that the item has not been received;
  • if the shipment is blocked at Customs and the recipient does not know how to proceed from here.

What details/forms are required to open an investigation?

In order for an investigation to be undertaken we require the following information and documents:

  • Registered letters of up to 2 kg (standard letters, large letters, MiniPac International) as well as letters with the "PRIORITY Plus" value-added service:
    • Sender's address and recipient's address
    • Contents of item
    • Value of contents (material value)
    • Item number
    • Indicate additional services such as return receipt (AR) or cash on delivery (COD)
    • Weight
    • Details of a contact person in your company and your contact at Swiss Post
    • Copy of the postage receipt
  • PostPac International PRIORITY/ECONOMY from 2 kg:
    Legible waybill (your A4 receipt as proof of posting) with details of a contact person in your company and your contact at Swiss Post.
    If you cannot find your receipt, we require the same information as listed under “Registered letter items”.

You can submit an investigation request online from the following link:  Item investigation

Naturally you can also deal with the matter at your local post office. To do this, take along the necessary documents or the information specified above regarding the item concerned.