Unaddressed A Mail item

Fast information

"Unaddressed A Mail item" is suitable for mailshots of letter items of a commercial or official nature. Items are sent against cash payment. Unaddressed A Mail items are a next-day product. When posted on time, delivery takes place the next day (Monday to Friday).


  • Addressed mailings reach their recipients the next day (Monday to Friday).
  • Unaddressed A Mail items can be sent at any post office.
  • Unaddressed A items can be of a commercial or official nature.

Products, prices and conditions

Product Dimensions Weight Price per unit
Official mailshots (up to B5 = 25 x 17.6 cm; up to 5 mm thick) 1 to 50 g

CHF 0.40

Commercial mailshots (up to B5 = 25 x 17.6 cm; up to 5 mm thick) 1 to 50 g

CHF 0.40

All prices incl. VAT Minimum amount per mailing (CHF 30.00)


  • Not smaller than 14 x 9 cm
  • Make sure that paper is sufficiently strong (paper strength min. 160 g/m2)
  • Square or rectangular shape with flat surface

Unaddressed A Mail item, official

Mailshots of an official nature or items to satisfy an information need of a wide local public are considered "official" mail.

Examples of mail of an official nature:

  • Mail from communities and public enterprises
  • Mail from political parties
  • Mail to satisfy an information need of a wide local public

Examples of mail to satisfy a non-commercial information need of a wide local public:

  • Interruption of electricity / water
  • Obituaries

Delivery: "Official" mail is distributed to all households and private customer post office boxes, incl. letterboxes and post office boxes with the sticker "No advertising".

Unaddressed A Mail item, standard commercial

Mailshots of an advertising nature are considered "commercial mail".


  • Invitation to the new opening of a bakery in a city or village
  • Flyers advertising goods and services
  • Advertising flyers for private relocation service

Delivery: "Commercial" mail is not delivered to letterboxes and private customer post boxes that are labelled with a "No advertising" sticker.

Important information

  • Delivery conditions: The mail must be packaged in easily calculable units (50, 100, 250 pieces etc.), separately according to content and place of delivery.
  • More than 50,000 items can only be sent with advanced notice (1 day before posting) at the corresponding post office.
  • Grounds for exclusion: Post CH Ltd delivers unaddressed A Mail items to all households in Switzerland on behalf of its customers. Swiss Post has the right to refuse items with offensive, defamatory or illegal contents. Observance of the legal regulations is always the responsibility of the customer.

Basis of the range of services

The "Unaddressed A Mail item" service is based on the GTC of PromoPost and the brochure "Domestic letters for private customers". Please note the General Terms and Conditions of PromoPost.