Special consignments

Maxi letter, army postal service, mail for the blind

Maxi letter

The A Mail Maxi Letter is a service of Swiss Post for private customers. Mail is required to be handed in at post office counters by the time they close in the morning, but by 12 o'clock at the latest. At over 200 post offices, it is possible for mail to be handed in until 4 p.m. The closing times for acceptance are decisive for the service offered. Mail will be delivered on the next working day (Monday-Friday), letters posted on Saturday will be delivered on Tuesday. Posting as "registered" is not possible.

Size Unit Weight Price
Maxi letter up to B4
(35.3 x 25 cm; up to 5 cm thick)
up to 2000 g

CHF 9.00

All prices incl. VAT.

Army postal service

Special regulations apply to mail to and from members of the army, and also from army command units, with regard to exemption from postage, addressing and formalities. Details can be found in the overview "Exemption from postage for military mail".


The following details must appear in the address block for mail to members of the army in service.

  • Rank, first name, surname
  • Exact description of the unit, staff headquarters, school or course
  • Last address line Marked "Military" with the correct military postcode

Example field address

Sdt Hans Meier
Inf Kp 13/1
Military 61114

Example barracks address
If the recipient is stationed at a barracks, the destination may be stated.

Rekr Erich Müller
Pz RS 23-1
Kp 2, Zug 1
3609 Thun

If you have any questions regarding military postcodes, please contact "Office Switzerland", tel. no. 031 381 25 25. Further information can also be found at www.feldpost.ch.

Mail for the blind

Items for the blind, so-called Cécogrammes, are items of mail which are either addressed to or posted by blind people or institutions for the blind. They must be labelled “Cécogramme”. Swiss Post dispatches such labelled consignments free of charge up to 7 kg.


  • The mail contains documents in Braille, sound recordings or materials that help blind / visually impaired people to cope with their disability.
  • The description “Articles for the blind” appears on the same side as the address.
  • The mail does not serve any commercial purpose.
  • The mail is not sealed.


Articles for the blind up to B5 format (25 x 17,6 cm), up to 5 cm thick and up to 250 g or B4 format (35,3 x 25 cm), up to 2 cm thick and up to 1,000 g will be dispatched by A Mail if they bear the A Mail label. Mail for the blind that exceeds the maximum weight or size for letters will be sent subject to the same conditions as for parcels free of charge, up to a maximum of 7 kg (PostPac Economy or PostPac Priority, maximum size: 100 x 60 x 60 cm). Free postage does not apply to Swiss-Express, Swiss-Courier and bulky items.


  • Domestic mail up to 7 kg is postage-free.
  • Registered mail, return receipts and COD items are free of charge.
  • Mail for the blind, which exceeds the maximum size for letters or weighs more than 1 kg will be sent subject to the same conditions as for parcels.


  • Free postage applies to publicly posted items up to a weight of 7 kg.
  • The maximum weight corresponds to that of MiniPac International.
  • Mail for the blind has the label “Cécogramme” in the upper right corner instead of an impression.
  • Mail for the blind is always sent as PRIORITY and must be labelled accordingly.
  • Value-added services are also free of charge for mail for the blind (exception: postage costs must be paid for URGENT mail).

Materials for blind / visually impaired people

  • Literature in braille
  • Specially customized CDs
  • Braille writing equipment
  • Braille watches
  • White canes
  • Sound recording equipment