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  •  Terms and conditions; Address maintenance 208 KB

    ... 3.1 Unless there are other contractual agreements, the customer undertakes
    to exclusively update addresses from its own address database. ...

  • Business customers

    Addressed mailings 38 KB - 24.05.2012

    ... (PDF, 363 KB). Addressed mailings. ... Business customers can use addressed
    mailings to contact their target audience without waste circulation. ...

  • Business customers

    Association address 32 KB - 26.06.2012

    ... Association address. A single fixed address for your association mail The
    association address is a virtual address for the mail of an association. ...

  • Business customers

    Addressing mail 31 KB - 09.10.2013

    ... or, for PO Box addresses, the phrase ... find extensive information on addressing
    letters properly ... the current spezification "Correct address layout" (in ...

  • Business customers

    Change of address for companies 32 KB - 02.07.2012

    ... Change of address for companies. ... You can rest assured that company mail
    sent to the old address will continue to arrive as normal. ...

  • Private customers

    Association address 51 KB - 11.09.2013

    ... Swiss Post automatically forwards the addressed items to the person of choice.
    The association address is suitable for associations without a fixed ...

  • Business customers

    Address data maintenance 31 KB - 01.04.2014

    ... Address data maintenance. MAT[CH] address management for correct
    addresses Swiss Post offers business customers ...

  • Address master data 29 KB - 01.04.2014

    ... You can use new address master data file as a reliable reference for
    postal cleaning of customer addresses. It also provides ...

  • Business customers

    Addressing items correctly 37 KB - 13.04.2012

    ... Items whose format and addresses meet the requirements of ... in French or
    English on the last address line. ... How should a letter be addressed if the ...

  • Business customers

    Contact addresses for shipping live animals 34 KB - 01.09.2012

    Additional Content. Login My Post Business. Contact addresses for
    shipping live animals. Good advice is not expensive. ...

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