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  •  Consignment tracking 391 KB

    ... Country ISO URGENT PostPac International Priority PostPac International
    Economy Registered PRIORITY Plus Afghanistan Albania AF AL • • • ...

  •  Ordering barcodes/shipping labels; Instructions 3 MB

    ... The postcode is optional for international consignments (depending on
    the destination country). The “Town” field is mandatory. ...

  •  My Post Business 1 MB

    ... Forwarding and transporting Hand in consignments (without PromoPost, Small
    consignments, Innight, Letters international, Courier) Search for ...

  •  Guide to Cost Manager 2012-306 683 KB

    ... For the following services, you can assign the FrLN as many cost centers as
    required: − Domestic letter consignments and international mail with an ...

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