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    Authorization 32 KB - 26.06.2012

    ... The validity of a permanent authorization is unlimited and there is a one-off
    charge of CHF 24 (online price), or CHF 30 (price at the counter), upon ...

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    Court documents (GU) 39 KB - 19.12.2013

    ... reliably and promptly. Court documents are currently available in two
    versions: court documents and online court documents. ...

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    Swiss Post lets customers decide with E-Post Office 31 KB - 07.07.2014

    ... Swiss Post is launching the letter box of tomorrow with E-Post Office, allowing
    recipients to decide online whether they wish to receive their letters ...

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    E-Logistics 32 KB - 01.12.2011

    ... and informative As a Swiss Post business customer, you can call up
    and manage many things online with E-Logistics. If ...

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    Prices letters 74 KB - 14.02.2014

    ... Start of page. Court documents and Court Document Online. Format, Thickness,
    Weight, Price 1. up to B4 (353 x 250 mm), Up to 20 mm, 1-1000 g, ...

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    Specialist DM knowledge 32 KB - 22.01.2014

    ... successful direct marketing. The online DM centre of excellence,
    DirectPoint, plays a key role here. Extensive specialist ...

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    Additional services and tools 37 KB - 30.03.2012

    ... holiday times. You can obtain the International HolidayCalendar in
    printed form free of charge or access it online. Click ...

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    Collection 32 KB - 20.06.2012

    ... Your customer advisor will be happy to inform you about the benefits of this
    additional service. Order online now. You can order collections online. ...

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    Conditions for electronic cash on delivery collection solution ... 38 KB - 19.12.2014

    ... Electronic cash on delivery is only possible if the consignments are
    booked online. Simplified preparation of consignments. ...

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    Information on Swiss-Express Moon for court documents ... 36 KB - 13.06.2012

    ... After successful delivery, we will transfer the confirmation of receipt to you
    physically (court documents) or electronically (online court documents). ...

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