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  •  Post and Politics: New postal legislation, A balanced bill for ... 253 KB

    ... Phone +41 (0)58 338 77 21 Fax +41 (0)58 667 31 73
    New postal legislation ... of the Swiss postal market Background ...

  •  Annual report 2007 692 KB

    Page 1. Postal agencies ... We hope you have fun reading this brochure and
    try out our new agencies! Postal business made easy Page 3. ...

  •  Post and Politics: Competition calls for entrepreneurial ... 211 KB

    ... The Swiss Federal Council has adopted the consultation draft for new postal
    legislation. ... The mandate of carriage for postal services is enough. ...

  •  Post and Politics: Swiss Post abroad 91 KB

    ... Today some 8,000 Swiss Post employ ees work abroad, providing services
    in the cross-border letter and parcel market, in postal-related activities ...

  •  Review of Business 2004 2 MB

    ... and highly efficient company that is in a position to retain its market share and
    offer our customers high-quality nationwide postal services that offer ...

  •  Annual Report 2005 1 MB

    ... did not raise any objections to this move, as the monopoly for mail items up
    to 100 g will still enable us to finance a high-quality basic postal service. ...

  •  Review of Business 2003 479 KB

    ... In view of the reduction in monopoly protection, the increasing substitution
    of postal services and the fierce competition in financial services, this is ...

  •  2002 business year 418 KB

    ... However, the gradual opening-up of the postal market approved by parliament
    and the ongoing sub- stitution of traditional postal products with ...

  •  Financial Report 2002 687 KB

    ... Significant events Funding employee benefit obligations and the equity base
    (review of continuing trends in the postal system in Switzerland) ...

  •  Flyer pro clima 793 KB

    ... Our “pro clima” offering now enables you to help protect the environment
    whenever you use the postal service: the CO2 emissions that occur during ...

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