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  •  2015 issuing programme: Swiss Post stamps and postal ... 111 KB

    Page 1. 2015 issuing programme: Swiss Post stamps and postal stationery
    A look back into the past, important an niversaries ...

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    Receiving 49 KB - 11.09.2013

    ... Simply customise your postal deliveries as you wish. Collection note
    Collection noteAlternatives for receiving postal items. ...

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     Postal vehicles Did you know? FRED the stamp hairdresser: 6 MB

    ... "Strubeli"... Postal vehicles All the member coun tries of European postal
    administrations are issuing stamps on “Postal Vehicles” in 2013. ...

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     International letters and parcels 731 KB

    ... Portokosten TOTAL Value in CHF Total gross weight Postal charges Date ... objet
    dangereux ou interdit par la réglemen tation postale ou douanière ...

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    Special consignments 55 KB - 11.09.2013

    Special consignments. Maxi letter, army postal service, mail for the blind Maxi
    letter. ... CHF 9.00. All prices incl. VAT. Army postal service. ...

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     Focus on stamps 2/2013 12 MB

    ... Special stamps Europa – Postal vehicles ... Page 28. “Strubel” stamp from 1854
    FRED&FUN The right hair stylist could turn "Strubeli"... Postal vehicles ...

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    Import information 52 KB - 09.12.2013

    ... Postal customs clearance includes the import clearance of letters, parcels
    and EMS consignments which arrived to Switzerland by post. ...

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     Focus on stamps - The Collector's Magazine 13 MB

    ... WeltpostvereinUnion postale universelle Unione postale universale
    Universal Postal Union 190 c. 25. Weltpostkongress ...

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     Focus on stamps 1/2014 17 MB

    ... As postal workers, we are constantly being reminded of how stamps capture
    the spirit of the times in our country – in many different ways. ...

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    Export: Customs/VAT 78 KB - 21.11.2014

    ... goods subject to export permission. Start of page. For which postal products
    is the electronic assessment decision available? ...

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