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  •  Guide to Cost Manager 2012-306 683 KB

    ... 3 1.1 Who is this guide for? 3 1.2 The structure of the customer invoice at Swiss
    Post 3 ... 1.2 The structure of the customer invoice at Swiss Post ...

  •  Ordering barcodes/shipping labels; Instructions 3 MB

    ... The “pro clima” surcharge is paid automatically as specified in your
    contract with Swiss Post. All domestic letters will be ...

  •  2010-131 Consignment tracking of pallets 402 KB

    ... and bulk containers The preparation of pallets or bulk containers (BC) must
    be carried out in accordance with the latest Swiss Post numbering plan. ...

  •  My Post Business 1 MB

    ... A single, central means of accessing a variety of Swiss Post functions/services. ...
    In-house administrators can only be entered by Swiss Post. ...

  •  Letter franking assistant 1 MB

    ... additional services. Subsequently, print out the letter, put it into a window
    envelope and hand it to Swiss Post. Ready. Your ...

  •  Consignment tracking 391 KB

    Page 1. • Consignment tracking List of countries with Track & Trace
    in Export Use “Track & Trace” to monitor the location ...

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