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Label Access for All

Since 1.1.2004 federal authorities (government, the cantons and municipalities and all other public organisations) have had to design their websites in such a way that people with disabilities will be able to access them. Swiss Post has been implementing a barrier-free approach since May 2008.

Blind people can have web content read to them with reading software. The visually impaired are able to display all text and images in any size they like. Physically handicapped people can navigate around the website using only one key. Thanks to subtitles in audiovisual media, people with hearing disabilities can follow all recordings. All these improvements also benefit those with age-related conditions.

Certified in accordance with the highest quality level (AA+)

Swiss Post and PostBus Switzerland Ltd have been complying with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) for barrier-free web content at an AA+ level (double A plus) since 1 November 2012. This standard is compatible with the Federal Government's P028 recommendations. It guarantees web content that is effectively barrier-free and compliant with the Federal Act for Equality for the Disabled.


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How to use the website

Access keys
0 = Direct to home page
1 = Direct to navigation
2 = Direct to content
3 = Direct to contact page
4 = Direct to sitemap
5 = Direct to search box

How the access keys work in different browsers:

Internet Explorer: ALT key + access key no. + Enter
Firefox: ALT key + Shift + access key no.
Chrome, Safari: ALT key + access key no.

Mac OS X
Safari, Firefox, Chrome: Ctrl key + Alt key + access key no.


Some services and applications found on and are not completely barrier-free. This particularly affects older applications and applications that require complicated programming. They will be re-designed according to the barrier-free approach step by step. This content is identified as such and is not part of the areas certified by the "Access for all" foundation.

Currently, the most important exceptions on include:

  • Track & Trace
  • Mail calculator for private customers
  • Recruitment platform e-recruiting
  • Virtual post office counter
  • Swiss Post Box

Currently, the most important exceptions on include:

  • Timetable for PostBus stops
  • Photo competition
  • PostBus Game

Ongoing improvements

Technological progress enables improvements to be made on an ongoing basis also with regard to the accessibility of online content and applications. That is why Swiss Post and PostBus Switzerland Ltd have agreed to periodic quality controls and a permanent exchange of know-how with the "Access for all" foundation. Public training sessions, informative events and workshops are planned to increase awareness for this topic.