Swiss Post Box

Your mobile digital letterbox

Swiss Post Box is the electronic counterpart to the physical letter box. Swiss Post scans your letter mail and makes it available as digital documents. This gives you access to your letter mail via the Internet – any time and anywhere. Swiss Post guarantees discretion, security and quality.

Swiss Post acts as a bridge from the physical to the electronic medium. Manage your physical letter mail as easily and efficiently as your e-mails. Swiss Post Box can also be used via mobile handsets and iOS apps.

Decide which subscription is best for you:

  • Single Easy: no basic monthly charge.
  • Premium Scan: You pay only postage and storage costs. Everything else is included.
  • Liberty Plus: up to 5 individual recipients can be chosen.
  • Professional: 400 letters per month are included in the basic subscription price.

 You can find more information on subscriptions here.

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