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Christmas mailing deadlines

Letters and parcels under the Christmas tree on time

Do you want your Christmas post to be delivered in time for the holidays? Please observe the final posting deadlines for your letters and parcels.

The final deadlines for mailing your letters and parcels so that they are delivered to the recipient in time for Christmas:

Country Product Letters Parcels
Switzerland Swiss-Express “Moon”[1] 22.12.2017 22.12.2017
Switzerland A Mail
PostPac Priority
21.12.2017 22.12.2017[2]
Switzerland B Mail
PostPac Economy
19.12.2017 21.12.2017
Europe URGENT 20.12.2017 19.12.2017
Europe Priority 14.12.2017 07.12.2017
Europe Economy 07.12.2017 30.11.2017
Other countries URGENT 19.12.2017 18.12.2017
Other countries Priority 07.12.2017 30.11.2017
Other countries Economy 30.11.2017 23.11.2017
1  Items posted by the evening deadline; delivery by 12 a.m. on 23 December 2017
2  Items posted by the usual deadline for PostPac Priority