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Tips for domestic letters

Reliable delivery

By addressing them correctly, you ensure that your letters can be processed smoothly and delivered on time.

This is a letter This is a parcel

Maximum size: B4 format (35.3 x 25 cm) and 2 cm thick

For standard and midi letters with format surcharge and registered letters, also possible up to 5 cm thick.

Maximum size: 60 x 60 x 100 cm
Maximum weight: 1 kg Maximum weight: 30 kg

Ensure your address details are correct

Correct addressing helps ensure that your letter is delivered to the recipient without any delay. The most important points can be found in the “Correct addressing” factsheet.

Insufficient franking

For every letter sent with insufficient or no franking, the sender is billed the missing franking as well as a processing fee of CHF 1.00 per consignment. The surcharge corresponds to the expenses incurred for handling an insufficiently franked consignment. If the sender is unknown, the outstanding sum is requested from the recipient (without the CHF 1.00 surcharge).