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Issuing authorization for delivery

Receive letters and parcels requiring proof of delivery while you are away

Is a consignment requiring proof of delivery on its way and is the private recipient not expected to be there upon delivery? If the recipient nevertheless wants to find the consignment at his home when he returns, he can grant Swiss Post delivery authorization. He places the order online via “My consignments”.

The service from the recipient’s perspective

Do you want to receive a consignment requiring proof of delivery as a private recipient despite being absent? You can grant authorization for delivery online to Swiss Post via “My consignments”. Letters will then be placed in the letterbox, and parcels delivered to the mailbox if space is available or deposited.


  • You are notified in advance by SMS or e-mail when a consignment with proof of delivery is on its way.
  • You decide whether to issue the authorization for delivery on a consignment-by-consignment basis.
  • You will find the consignment immediately. You do not need to go to a branch to collect the consignment.


The authorization for delivery is issued individually and for a specific consignment. A permanent setting is not possible. The authorization for delivery is not available if the business sender has had it blocked.

Useful to know

Before ordering, you must confirm as the recipient that you have read and accept the General Terms and Conditions pertaining to “My consignments”. Swiss Post documents the delivery electronically. After delivery of the consignment on the basis of the authorization for delivery granted, any and all liability claims against Swiss Post are ruled out.