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Rental deposit guarantee without bank deposit from SwissCaution

Why block your money unnecessarily?

Take advantage of the rental deposit guarantee without bank deposit – a service offered by Swiss Post in association with SwissCaution. The rental deposit guarantee replaces your security deposit at the bank and, for your landlord, works the same way as a bank deposit. More freedom for you and your money.

In order to avoid the need for a security deposit, pay a lump sum registration fee of CHF 231.00 (including 5% stamp duty), which will cover the current year until 31 December. In the following years, your annual premium will be 5% of the rental deposit amount (plus a CHF 20 administration fee and 5% stamp duty).

  • For young people aged 18 to 26, the registration fee will be reduced to CHF 150. They will also receive a 10% discount on the following annual premiums.
  • If, when you move out, your landlord makes claims against you to which you agree, SwissCaution undertakes to pay the amount claimed to your landlord. This cannot be greater than the amount of your rental deposit guarantee. You must then reimburse SwissCaution the amount advanced to your landlord.
  • You may cancel the contract with SwissCaution at any time if you furnish your landlord with a guarantee of equal value which is acceptable to him. 
  • Subletting, commercial rental agreements and parking spaces do not qualify for rental deposit guarantees without bank deposit.

You can find more information in the General insurance conditions.