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Collecting stamps

Welcome to the fascinating world of stamps

Discover the many facets of this miniature art form. The philatelic range from Swiss Post is a joy for enthusiastic collectors!

Important dates for collectors

Don’t miss these dates:

Month Key Date Location Event
March F 31.03.17 Focus on Stamps 2/2017; stamps magazine
April CS 24.04.17 Zurich Sechseläuten
May I 11.05.17 Issue date
F/E 11.05.–13.05.17 Essen 27. International Stamp Fair
July F 28.07.17 Focus on stamps 3/2017
August F/E 28.07.17 ’s-Hertogenbosch Multilaterale Hertogpost 2017
September SP 02.09.17 Interlaken Unspunnen
I 07.09.17 Issue date
SP 29.09.–30.09.17 Burgdorf Exhibition of postal documents and stationeries GABRA VI
October F 06.10.17 Focus on stamps 4/2017
F/E 26.10.–28.10.17 Sindelfingen International Stamp Exchange
November F/E 09.11.–12.11.17 Paris 71th Autumn Philatelic Exhibition
I 16.11.17 Issue date
F/E 24.11.–26.11.17 Verona Veronafil 2017
SP 24.11.–26.11.17 Sainte-Croix Stamp Day 2017
December SP 03.12.17 Wienacht-Tobel Christmas fair
SP 12.12.–15.12.17 Berne-Bethlehem Christmas post office
I = Issue date for stamps / postal stationery
F = Focus on stamps (stamps magazine)
F/E = Fair/Exhibition
SP = Special post office
We reserve the right to make changes.