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Tips for domestic parcels

Reliable delivery

With the appropriate packaging and proper addressing, you ensure that your parcel can be processed smoothly and delivered on time.

Addressing and packaging

Clear, legible addresses and the right packaging will help us deliver your parcel to its recipient without delay. The most important tips and tricks can be found in the PDF file “Mailing Swiss-Express and parcel items”.


Do you want to send a parcel but you don’t have the appropriate packaging?

The solution is PostPac. With eight different sizes, you are sure to find the right one for your parcel. Simply choose the packaging that best meets your needs.

Available from any post office or via

Standard parcel, mail with manual processing, bulky consignment?

The different types of consignment are described in the factsheet “Mailing of Swiss-Express and parcel consignments”.

Dangerous goods

Special provisions apply when sending items classed as dangerous goods. More information: Domestic dangerous goods


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