Advertising by choice
Only what interests me

Offers on request
Why pay more?

With “Offers on request”, you’ll receive promotions and discounts only from providers that interest you. Choose who you’d like to receive advertising from.

  • You’ll receive offers only from providers you select.
  • You can change your selection at any time.
  • We respect “No advertising” stickers on your private letter box – you won't receive any unaddressed catalogues or flyers.
  • Swiss Post does not forward your address to the advertising companies. Your data remains protected.
  • The “Offers on request” service is of course free for you to use.

Advertising OK
For smart spenders

Sometimes you would really like to take advantage of offers. The free “Advertising OK!” sticker ensures that you will also receive flyers and leaflets that interest you.

Do you want to make sure you don’t miss out any more interesting offers? Simply cover your old “No advertising” sticker with the “Advertising OK!” sticker.

Personalized offers on your smartphone
Profital – the leaflet app

With Profital, you can get the latest leaflets, local promotions and other useful information, such as opening hours and addresses for businesses in your area.

Choose which information you would like to receive and when. That way you will only find out about promotions that really interest you.