Advertising OK!
You can’t benefit from a promotion if you’re not aware of it

Does your letter box have a “No advertising” sticker simply because you can’t get rid of it? The free “Advertising OK!” sticker for your letter box ensures you will also receive unaddressed flyers, brochures and catalogues from companies in your region. Place the “Advertising OK!” sticker over any existing “no advertising” stickers. Not only are you then guaranteed to receive interesting information and useful shopping tips, but you can regularly benefit from promotions and attractive discounts.

Unaddressed advertising is full of surprises and offers you numerous benefits. Flyers, brochures and catalogues from companies in your region can fill your letter box with a whole host of attractive offers each week:

  • Up-to-date information on new products and services
  • News on promotions, special sales and bargains
  • Discount coupons and vouchers
  • Invitations to shop openings and other events
  • Free samples for all kinds of products
  • Competitions and games with attractive prizes
  • etc.

Do you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on any more exciting offers and that you’re up to date at all times? Then put the “Advertising OK!” sticker on your letter box to cover up any existing “No advertising” stickers.

Do you want to keep your letter box clear of stickers? Then simply remove the “No advertising” sticker or turn over the corresponding sign beside your name.

Mailing only possible within Switzerland.

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