Offers on request
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With “Offers on request”, you'll receive relevant promotions and discounts from your favourite providers. You select from a pool of providers only the ones that really interest you.

Offers on request

With our “Offers on request" online service, you can select the companies from which you would like to receive discounts and promotions.

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The advantages for you:

  • You'll receive offers only from providers you select.
  • You can change your selection at any time.
  • We respect “No advertising” stickers on your private letter box – you won't receive any unaddressed catalogues or flyers.
  • Swiss Post does not forward your address to the advertising companies. Your data remains protected.
  • The “Offers on request” service is of course free for you to use.

Select offers now

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With the free “Offers on request” service, you receive flyers and brochures from your favourite providers despite the “No advertising” sticker on your letter box. Simply select the companies you would like to receive offers from. Swiss Post will then send you the corresponding offers in an addressed envelope.

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Here’s how it works

  1. Start the “Offers on request” online service and select the provider of your choice.
  2. Register free of charge and accept the General Terms and Conditions. If you're already registered, log in with your e-mail address.
  3. Receive your “Offers on request” by post and start saving.

Do you have a “No advertising” sticker on your letter box? Then you will still not receive any unaddressed flyers and catalogues.

Bookmark your favourite providers

“Offers on request” is constantly expanding. If you don't see the provider you're looking for, you can easily set a reminder. As soon as the company is active, you'll receive the offers automatically.

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