Information about your consignment​

If your consignment consists of multiple parcels and you have received multiple notifications, please reply to each one individually. ​

Consignment information​
  • I instruct Post CH Ltd to conduct clearance / import customs clearance on my behalf and undertake to pay the service fees ( as well as state levies.

    The data is stored and used solely for the purpose of handling/processing current and future import customs clearance for your international consignments and for any contact in this regard. The data will not be processed for other purposes. The data will be stored only for as long as is necessary to fulfil the aforementioned purpose.

    With my order, I agree to the GTC “Postal Services” for private customers (PDF, 88.3 KB) or business customers (PDF, 132.5 KB)[Media | Not Accessible].

  • Please send the original individual authorizations together with the consignment number to: Post CH Ltd, Heinrich Stutz-Straße 27, 8970 Urdorf

  • Uploading consignment documents and authorization (e.g. invoice, payment confirmation or order confirmation) (.pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)
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