Authorizations at Swiss Post
Collection by third parties in the branch

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Are you unable to collect your missed consignments yourself from the post office counter? With a permanent authorization, you authorize a trustworthy person to accept consignments notified for collection on your behalf or on your company’s behalf. With a single authorization, you authorize one person to collect your consignment on a one-off basis. 

  • For one or more people 
  • Validity: one-off, temporary or until further notice 
  • Valid for almost all postal items, with the exception of consignments for personal delivery

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Important information

An authorization entitles the authorized agents to collect all notified consignments from the post office counter, including debt collection and court documents, outpayment orders and outpayment slips with reference number. The authorized agents legally confirm receipt of the postal item with their signature. Only in the case of consignments with the “personal delivery” value-added service can no authorization be issued. They must be collected by the addressee in person.

Permanent authorization
Authorization to collect several consignments

You do not want to or are unable to collect your missed consignments yourself from the post office counter? Private and business customers can establish a permanent authorization for the collection of consignments quickly and easily online or in the branch.

Single authorization
Authorization to collect a specific consignment

Have you missed a consignment and received a collection note to collect the consignment in a branch? Private customers can create a single authorization for the collection of a specific consignment quickly, easily and free of charge online or over the phone. You also have the option of having the consignment delivered a second time, having it forwarded to another address or extending the collection period.


Representative regulation


Permanent authorization

Basic price (Internet)
Basic price (in the branch)
Adding an authorized agent (Internet)
Free of charge
Adding an authorized agent (in the branch)
Deleting an authorized agent
Free of charge

Single authorization

Only possible for private individuals
Free of charge

Prices in CHF incl. VAT

Other authorizations

Swiss Post also recognizes other options for an authorization. You can find these in the “Authorizations” factsheet.

Alternatives to authorizations

Arrange for a second delivery
Have the consignment delivered a second time

  • Second delivery
  • Free of charge
  • Any working day of your choice
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Forwarding a consignment
Forwarding the consignment to another address

Have your consignment forwarded to an address in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein, a branch, a My Post Service point or a My Post 24 terminal for a fee.

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Extend collection period
Collect a consignment later

Would you like to collect your consignment from the branch at a later point in time? Extend the collection period free of charge.

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Be informed and manage receipt
My consignments

  • Be informed as soon as a consignment is on its way
  • Have the flexibility to determine the date, time or place of receipt
  • Specify how you would like to deposit parcels
  • Manage permanent settings for receiving parcels
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