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Create order in your office

Create order in your office by organizing everything the digital way. Pay invoices, archive important documents and take care of correspondence – not a problem with the Payment, Cloud and Messaging functions in E-Post Office.

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  • Paper-free inbox, e-letter and e-mail 
  • Uploading and archiving documents 
  • Search function and sender activation 
  • Paying invoices 
  • E-Post Office App (including scanner and data access)

Digital letter box
Physical or digital – the decision is yours

With E-Post Office, you decide whether you want to receive letters in digital or printed format and from whom.

Archiving documents
From your inbox or scanned yourself

Archive your invoices and other documents more conveniently and securely in E-Post Office. The E-Post Office App enables you to physically scan documents and access them whenever you like.

Pay invoices in a flash
Without any detours, directly from E-Post Office

E-Post Office can identify invoices independently. You can issue the payment order in a few short clicks via your online banking and store your invoice in the data archive.

Here’s how it works
Signing up to E-Post Office


Register free of charge for the E-Post Office online service.


We will send you an activation code by mail within two working days for address verification.


Log in to E-Post Office and enter the activation code when prompted.


You can start straight after registration: receive and respond to mail, scan documents, make payments, archive and much more.

E-Post Office App
Scan, archive, make payments

You can also access your data when you’re on the go. Scan documents or pay your invoices – also possible without a computer. The E-Post Office App is available as an iOS version in the App Store and as an Android version in the Google Play Store.


Receiving letters is free of charge. We also provide you with five gigabytes of free storage. Some features do incur a charge. You will however be notified if any transaction is subject to a charge, and asked whether you agree to it.

E-Post Office gives you the ability to edit digital and physical (scanned) invoices on the platform and to send a payment order to a financial institution of your choice with just a few clicks. Thanks to automatic recognition and reading of payment data, you no longer have to enter all the invoice information onto the inpayment slip manually.

You can find the most important information on “Pay invoices” in the document E-Post Office: “Pay invoices” – Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

In E-Post Office, your correspondence is protected as securely as possible from unauthorized access. Swiss Post stores your data securely on its own servers based in Switzerland. Data traffic sent via E-Post Office is encrypted in compliance with the latest security standards.

You can use the platform of the “E-Post Office” online service to select the senders from whom you would like to receive your mail digitally in future. Activate these senders in the settings under “Sender activation”. As soon as you have activated them, all mail from these particular senders will be delivered to you electronically. Swiss Post delivers consignments from senders that you have not activated to your letter box as usual.

You have access to five gigabytes of free storage.

E-Post Office is also available as an iPhone and Android app. The free app can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Receive consignments 
  • Archive mail items/documents
  • Synchronize documents locally
  • Reply to and forward mail items/documents 
  • Draft and send physical letters online
  • Paying invoices 
  • Take photos of or scan documents (via the E-Post Office App)

... and much more.

Today there are already several hundred companies connected to E-Post Office. The current list can be found in the E-Post Office online service under sender activation.


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