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Having a P.O. Box as the first address for delivery of your letter mail means you already have all the information you need when you start work: in many places, A Mail consignments are delivered to P.O. Boxes no later than when the counters open in the morning. And several deliveries per day are made to P.O. Boxes at larger branches.

  • Early A Mail delivery – in many locations by the time counters open in the morning
  • P.O. Box “Basic” is free of charge in the delivery area of the local delivery organization
  • As a rule, access to the P.O. Box around the clock

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Important information

Delivery times 

  • A Mail: until counters open in the afternoon or according to local conditions
  • B Mail: during the day
  • Collections (registered mail): during local post office opening times


As a rule, access to the P.O. Box is guaranteed round the clock. 


The penultimate address line of the letter mail must indicate “P.O. Box”. Any additional number for the P.O. Box location must appear on the last line after the postcode and town. By ensuring correct addressing, you help ensure your P.O. Box consignment is delivered on time.

Example of correct addressing:

Schweizer Ltd
P.O. Box
3000 Bern 8


The following types of consignment are not delivered to P.O. Box addresses:

  • Parcels
  • Letter mail from other delivery businesses


Free variant
P.O. Box “Basic”

  • Free of charge
  • A substitute for the private letter box in the same delivery area
  • From at least five addressed letters per day 

Basic price (Internet)

Free of charge

Basic price (in the branch)


Surcharge / Following year

Free of charge

More demanding variant
P.O. Box “Extra”

  • Independent of the place of delivery, as well outside the delivery area
  • Also for customers with permanent place of residence or registered office abroad
  • No minimum number of letters per day

Basic price (Internet)


Basic price (in the branch)


Surcharge / Following year


All prices in CHF (incl. VAT)

P.O. Box locations

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